Welcome to the Nova Scotia Purebred Poultry Association

The Nova Scotia Purebred Poultry Association is now proudly the oldest continuous running poultry club in Nova Scotia. Having started in 1976, we are also happy to announce that the year 2011 is officially our 36th anniversary year!Chicks

About The NSPPA

Started in 1976 and located in central Nova Scotia, the club is still going strong with members of all ages from all over the province.

Our members encourage and support the breeding, exhibiting, showing and selling of purebred poultry including large fowl, bantams, pheasants, turkeys and waterfowl.

For those who enjoy showing their birds there are numerous opportunities as dedicated poultry shows are hosted across the Maritimes throughout the year. Many of these show are official American Poultry Association meets with judges visiting our area from across Canada and the United States.